Course Contents.

Basic Course – gentle practice after Sivananda

Main emphasis on recreation and respiration, holding basic postures for a longer period of time. Gradual buildup of Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), teaching of fundamental breathing techniques for revitalization and relaxation.

Suited for beginners.

Complementary Course – Yogic Arts by Duncan Wong

Dynamic sequence of advanced postures, combined with martial arts elements and variations of the warrior asanas. Core strengthening exercise and further leading breathing techniques.


Pranayama and Meditation

Teaching of different breathing techniques as Kapalabathi (fire breath), Anuloma Viloma/Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and Brahmari (bee breathing technique) to focus the mind and enter meditation by observation of the breath.

Lu Jong – tibetan healing yoga

The 5 Elements movement are the most basic exercises in the Tibetan tradition. They mainly focus on the movement of the spine as root and trunk of our energy.

Whenever you have either a mental or energetic impairment, problems with the spine are always experienced as well, whether consciously or unconsciously.

These movements are very simple and possible for everyone to do, no matter how flexible or athletic the person practicing is.


Dana Aerial Yoga by Dhanya Daniela Meggers

Aerial Yoga uses the circus hammock to help students hold their bodies in the shape of traditional Yoga postures, their body’s weight being either partially or fully supported by the hammock.

The exercises are designed to facilitate the understanding and purpose of traditional Yoga postures while making it easier to enter advanced asanas which normally take years to learn and even more time to understand and to benefit from.

The practice of Aerial Yoga is meant to help speed up that process in a safe manner.

In an Aerial Yoga class, students use both, hammock and floor, to immediately feel the improvement in their flexibility, strength and alignment, and to understand how to profit from skills and benefits achieved through using the hammock while attending non-aerial Yoga classes and other physical activities.



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