Iris Ana, course instructor.

Searching for a complementary practice to balance dance and martial arts training, I found my way to yoga, quickly dedicating myself not only to the physical aspects but also the spiritual facets, chanting and philosophical background.

It is the plain and simple beauty of the basic postures that keep me fascinated, the synergy of breath control, movement and focus, and the freedom of a self-expressed interpretation devoid of any competitive attitude.

Practicing yoga means to stay with yourself. Lead by feeling not by idea. This is where I always come back to, during my own routine and during classes.

Free yourself from competitivness and devaluating impulse and work your limits carefully and with respect.

Keep asking yourself: Is what I want what I need? Do I need what I want?

Take your time to respire. Breath is moving you, not reason.


Iris-Ana has a background in dancing, singing, Jeet Kune Do and Taijiquan. She is a qualified yoga teacher (BYV, two-year Sivananda training at Yoga Vidya), Reiki master, certified Yogic Arts Instructor by Duncan Wong (200 hours TT), and has accomplished further education and workshops including David Swenson, Bryan Kest and Ana T. Forrest.